018: The Domino Effect of Setting Boundaries in Your Life with Stephanie Granger

Stephanie Granger

When we find ourselves giving everything to someone or something, it may be time to take a deeper look at what’s going on within ourselves. Podcast guest, Stephanie Granger, had to take an extensive look at her life to understand what was driving the discontent in her marriage. Once she realized she was constantly trying to fix something, Stephanie then had to do the challenging work of setting boundaries. 

Stephanie describes how she “put a sledgehammer” to her life in a short amount of time. She shares the story of when she realized her marriage wasn’t healthy and the process she took to leave it. She then describes how setting boundaries in her marriage carried over to her job. Best of all, she walks us through the fallout from it all.

Setting boundaries isn’t easy but when we start setting them in one area of our life, there’s no turning back!

Key Highlights:
  • If people are unsuccessful in one area of their life, they’ll put all of their effort into another area where they are doing well.  
  • Stephanie realized she always needed to be fixing something. She needed a problem to fix something because that’s where she provided value.
  • A common phrase she heard herself say was, “everything will be better when….”, but at each of those checkpoints, nothing was better.
  • Stephanie had several defining moments in her marriage. She found she gathered courage through going to grad school, having her child without pain meds, and thinking about her being a role model for her twin daughters.
  • One thing Stephanie realized was if you’re the one doing the leaving, the other person has to catch up mentally and emotionally.
  • Leaving her marriage required letting go of feeling like she had it all together (from an outside observer’s experience).
  • As she set boundaries in her marriage and she gained the tools to self-soothe and regulate, Stephanie noticed that the same patterns emerged at work.
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Full Bio:

Stephanie Granger holds an Ed.S. in School Psychology and has currently returned to graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Stephanie’s career has spanned both the public and private sectors, and she spent the last decade supporting students, parents, and schools as a School Psychologist in the public school system.

She is currently working in Organizational Effectiveness for a large-scale logistics firm. Stephanie’s work has centered around individual assessment, performance management, and organizational change. Her passion is fostering thriving relationships between individuals and organizations.