Everyday Resilience Live Training

Live Resilience Training

Let us help your employees learn the skill of resilience through live training, so they can adapt well in the face of stress and adversity.

Practical Resilience Skills to Help Your Employees Thrive Through Stress

At Everyday Resilience, we offer straightforward, practical resilience skills to help your employees take stress in stride. We help employees recover, adapt, and grow from the many challenges they face (and will continue to face). Our suite of training options includes a multi-dimensional approach built on neuroscience principles, sparking new ideas for your employees to take action in their work and in day-to-day life.

Everyday Resilience Live Training Options

60 Minute Live Training

This one-hour session offers a general overview of resilience, explaining the relationship between stress and performance, and offering two strategies to enhance resilience.

90 Minute Live Training

This 90-minute session goes in depth into one dimension of resilience along with strategies to build resilience in that specific area.

Virtual, 4-Week Series

These live, virtual sessions take place in one-hour increments over four weeks. The four dimensions of resilience are included: the impact of physical health on resilience, managing emotions, being aware of our mental scripts, and understanding our values. After each weekly session, participants receive a session summary and a link to reflection exercises. Participants have access to the facilitator via email between sessions.

Half and Full Day In-Person Sessions

This includes all of the dimensions of resilience and is customized to fit your training needs.

Custom Training Sessions

Don't see what you're looking for? We'd be happy to come up with a customized solution to fit your organization's needs.